Calypso Quilt – An Awesome Pattern

Hey my loves! Another week is coming to an end and we still have patterns to share with you. I know it’s a lot, but we prefer to give you several options. So you can see what best fits your profile, what you want to learn, the environment you are going to decorate. Today’s quilt is not difficult to combine or make. The Calypso quilt is a classic model. You must have heard that name around. Among all models, some differ in the way of assembling the blocks, combining colors.

I’ve seen calypso quilts that were a beautiful flower, and this one that forms beautiful squares, with colored strips. I must confess that I don’t understand why they created several models and put the same name, but we are not here to change that. It may seem confusing, I know, but if the design wanted it that way, we are not the ones going to change the name, right?. This quilt will give your bedroom an island vibe with a tropical print, twin-size quilt that’s easy to piece.

With vibrant colors, with a very tropical climate, it is even easier to combine and assemble the blocks that form the quilt. In the diagram you will see that it is easier to assemble than you think. Here we will need strips of plain fabric, in colors that match the chosen pattern. From there we assembled blocks of stripes and a simple square of patterned fabric. Interspersing them we have pieces of the quilt. Make the amount you think is necessary to reach the size you want.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

In the instructions you have all the measurements. Already do the calculations including the edge. You can also add your personal touch. Remove the border, make it thicker, thinner, make a different detail. With a little creativity, I’m sure many ideas will come up. Those basic tips that we always like to pass on. Washing the fabrics before starting the procedures is always indicated, even more so if you have any dark colored fabrics.

In addition to releasing paint, you can already see if the fabric will shrink. Don’t forget to iron the fabrics too. It is much easier to work with a smooth surface. When using markers, always choose the reverse side of the fabric. Better safe than sorry. Now that we’ve gone over the basics, shall we get started? The calypso quilt pattern is available on All People Quilt. There you will find the list of materials, measurements, diagrams and all the tips to complete this beautiful project. Ready? Come on, let’s quilt!

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