Twirling at the Disco Quilt Pattern

Hi my loves, good to see you here. Another week we finished together. I hope you enjoyed what we shared and got inspired along with us. We always recommend taking a look at the pattern, even if the item doesn’t interest you very much. The artisans always have valuable tips to share, take a few minutes to learn.

Twirling at the Disco. When we start to sew, we can’t imagine the amount of scraps left over after each project. As much as we buy the necessary amount of fabric, during the cuts it is normal to have something left over. And that amount only increases. Thinking about using them, after all we don’t want any kind of waste, Anamori created this beautiful quilt.

The twirling at the disco is a colorful quilt, very cheerful and very cute. Here you will be able to use all kinds of fabric. With or without prints, abstract or with characters. And nothing needs to match. The more colorful, the more amazing. Keep this in mind when assembling the blocks. Place similar colors far apart from each other. And if you are going to make the background white, as well as the pattern, leave the patchwork in light colors for another project.

Twirling at the Disco // Samelia’s Mum

Here we are going to use a lot of color. If I tell you it’s a quick quilt to make, I’m lying to you. But it is far from difficult. It’s a quilt that requires patience. You will make small cuts and to sew them and have the size you need, it will take a little more time. The cuts are straight, it is easier to make.

I advise you to separate the fabrics, cut all the strips and then the squares. Separate by color, the one that predominates in the fabrics. Then when you assemble it, you can even repeat the combination. I always comment here, but as we always have new people, I don’t get tired of repeating: assembly line always facilitates the process.

Even if it’s just you, don’t move on to the next step until you’ve completed the second. For me it always works and the project flows faster. Have you tried doing it like this? Tell me here in the comments. Have a great weekend.

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