Berry Leaf Table Runner – Crochet Pattern

Hello dear colleagues, welcome! We hope this article finds everyone well, in the Christmas spirit to start a new project. Today we want to show you an essential item to decorate your Christmas table, after all, meal times are the ones we take advantage of to create beautiful memories.

I’m sure you’ve heard of table runners and there must be some out there. The Berry Leaf Table Runner is no exception. With a beautiful design and Christmas colors, this model fits perfectly into the theme. With a white background, the details become even more evident. The gold yarn details make everything even more beautiful, don’t you think?

The table runner has an important role in the table setting. It can be used both to decorate it while we are not using it and to delimit the guests’ place. If your plan is to leave the table runner on the table during meals, be extra careful when eating.

Berry Leaf Table Runner – All Free Crochet

Accidents can happen and stain your piece. There are some techniques to waterproof them, making cleaning easier. Would you like to learn this technique? Tell me here in the comments, and I can explain it in the next patterns.

Another important thing is to choose quality materials. This way you will have a beautiful piece for longer, but be sure to take the necessary care when washing.

Here is the list of materials you will need to make a berry leaf table runner measuring approximately 14 x 56. Red heart holiday: 2 balls 1360 Aran w/Gold A, 1 ball each 9560 Wine/Gold B and 6560 Hunter/ Gold C; Crochet Hook: 5mm [US H-8]; Yarn needle; Sewing needle and thread; 6mm gold beads. This runner is made from the center out to Border Edge. Read the instructions, understand the steps and let’s crochet!

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