Crochet Chicken Potholder Pattern

Hello and good morning my lovely friends and followers. How are you today? I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy. And if not, I hope your life gets better soon, I am sure you deserve nothing but the best in life. We are a community and we are here to share good vibes only, and always.

Talking about good vibes, we brought you today a fun project. I do not think there is something better that makes what we like and have nice results, this helps us to be so much more productive, does it not? Today our project is both fun and very useful. It is a good option for sales and to have at home.

Everyone uses potholders, we need them to set the table properly without damaging the table or the pots. The one we have here today is particularly cute. Chickens are a pretty common item to be found in kitchens all around the world.


This animal represents good food, with its eggs and meat. They also remind us of coziness in the figure of the mama hen. Because of that, this potholder is a perfect combination for your kitchen.

The recipe we have today for this project is very detailed and you can guide through it.  Since we are talking about a very specific animal, there is not much space to play with the colors. To keep traditional, go for yellow, orange and white yarns.

How do you like this idea? We wish you have as much fun as we did making this potholder. If you like these kinds of ideas, let us know in the comments. There are other animals  that will be fun to give it a try too! Access the link we have left above and start this cuteness today. We will meet again in our next project, bye-bye!

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