Mini Advent Calendar – Free Pattern

Hey loves, good to see you again. Here we are to share a new pattern with you. Another perfect Christmas idea for you to decorate your home. Today we’re going with traditional ideas. The advent calendar is already well known and has become even more widespread over the years. It can be a beautiful tradition to do with children, remembering fun moments.

The mini advent calendar is the pattern of a beautiful tree. Here we don’t have pockets where we put activities or sweets. These are buttons decorated with the theme that make the difference. It’s easy to do and very quick. You can finish it on the same day. What we’re going to need because it’s already December.

The pattern consists of eleven hexagons. It’s a relatively easy pattern. You repeat the same step by step several times and the materials needed are the basics of any crochet pattern. To personalize your calendar you can use some shades of green, it looks really beautiful too.

Mini Advent Calendar – Full Pattern

The pattern instructions are very detailed, but before you start crocheting or buying the materials, read all the steps carefully. Understand the abbreviations and each of the rounds. Let’s look at some important notes that are highlighted in the pattern.

Do not treat your turning chain as a stitch; do not work your last stitch into the turning chain; the whole hexagon pattern and the star pattern is worked in one direction; when you work your first double crochet, make sure to work it into the same stitch you Slip Stitched to in the previous row. So, let’s crochet this idea? I hope you like it and make this a beautiful tradition with your family. Take advantage of all the tips in this pattern and we’ll be back soon with a new idea to share with you.

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