Textured Rug Crochet – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! What a pleasure to welcome you here in our space. We are very grateful to know that you count on us to learn new patterns and different techniques of hand crafts. Here is our space to share experiences, inspirations and patterns. We separated the Textured Rug Crochet to share with you. This rug is very beautiful, full of different details and textures that make it unique.

Crochet is that amazing technique and we are sure that every day, you pass by or see an item made with this technique. Rugs are classic pieces of this technique and many people choose this item to start crocheting. If you still don’t feel very confident and want to start crocheting, come learn this pattern with us. You can decorate different environments with textured rug crochet. One of the most common rooms where we see crocheted rugs is the bathroom.

It is perfect at the exit of the shower and in front of the sink because, in addition to making the environment more cozy, the rug absorbs the drops of water not leaving the environment all wet. Care must be taken so that no accident occurs with the mat, such as applying non-slip materials to the base of the mat. That way it won’t slide on the floor and you don’t run the risk of slipping.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Cream of The Crop Crochet

Textured Rug Crochet Materials:

As for the materials, the crochet is very simple and almost always keeps the same in different patterns. For rugs, acrylic/wool blend yarn is generally used. In the pattern you will find the suggestion used by the rug designer. The rest is common and we almost always have a crochet hook and scissors at home. The textured rug crochet pattern is available at Cream of The Crop Crochet.

There you have the step by step of all the rounds, the measurements and the abbreviations of the stitches to understand the pattern. You already know that if you have any doubts, let us know here in the comments. We will be very happy to know what you think and to be able to help you. Whether to decorate your home, to give as a gift to loved ones or to sell and guarantee extra money on it, we are sure it will look beautiful. Once you understand the pattern and separate the materials, it’s time to crochet!

Textured Rug Crochet

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