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Margaret’s Hug Healing Shawl

Hi everyone, good to see you here. Welcome to our craft space. Here we mix several techniques and share complete patterns, perfect for you to do in the comfort of your home. Whether beginner or advanced, here you will find models for all occasions. Let’s start? Margaret’s Hug Healing shawl. Crochet clothes are very successful […]

Chunky Crochet Swan Blanket Pattern

Hey sweeties! It’s good to have you here with me in another pattern. I consider it a privilege to know that you chose to stop by to see what we are sharing and to be inspired by it all. We like to mix techniques and try to please everyone. I know there are a lot […]

Loopy Diamond Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern

Hi loves, welcome again. It is a pleasure to welcome you here at Crafts Your Crochet. This is our first meeting this year. I enjoyed the holidays a lot and ended up stretching too much. But with the children at home, the attention is all theirs, there was no way to show up here. Decreased […]

Keep Calm and CAL – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! How to find you again Hope everyone is well, full of health and excited to learn new patterns together with our team. On days when we don’t show up here, can you practice a little? I hope so, it’s the best and only way to evolve and become more and more creative. […]

Christmas Snow – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello my loves! Yes, we are halfway through the week again, and more than that, halfway through the month. The year is almost over, how crazy. We’ve done so many beautiful things together, you can do a recap of the patterns you have here. Tell me what you did, I’ll be very happy to know. […]

Snowman Face Ornament – Free Pattern

Hello loves! We’re back to keep you company and share the most incredible models we’ve found. Did you miss us? Hope so. We were anxious, but in the middle of the rush it was difficult to test the patterns to bring here. But with Christmas coming, we couldn’t let you down. Have you ever thought […]

Baby Princess Dress – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey loves! Almost weekend, can you believe it? Here, together with you every day, it seems to go by even faster. Do you have this print too? I don’t know if there are a lot of things to learn or a lot to do, but don’t worry, we have one more Baby Princess Dress. This […]

Striped Bow Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern

Ready to fall in love? If not, do not continue here with us. If so, keep reading this post and learn how to make the Striped Bow Pillow. This pillow is the cutest thing ever. An incredible pattern with color combinations and a texture that makes everything even more comfortable. Pillows make any environment more […]

Sunflower Baby Bonnet – Free Crochet Pattern

Hey loves! Lots of crafts out there? We hope our patterns are inspiring you to create lots of beautiful things. Filling our house with our work is an incredible feeling. Knowing that other people value our work and buying to use is even more amazing. How about making the Sunflower Baby Bonnet? It’s that piece […]

Crochet Tulip – Free Pattern

Hi loves! We hope you are ready to spend another week with us, learning the most varied pieces. We are very grateful to have you here with us. Each pattern that we separate, test and bring here for you is thinking of giving you one more craft option. Today we want to show you the […]