The Chicken Pot Holder Pattern

Hey loves, nice to see you here again. I hope I find them all well, with the desire to crochet a little more. Here at Your Crochet Now we are always looking for news to update you and not leave crafts aside. If you still haven’t found the pattern you’re looking for, come talk to us.

But for today, we already have a really cool pattern to share. If you go back to some posts you will see that we posted a beautiful pattern of chicken coaters. These friendly chickens gave us another idea and we thought of complementing the decoration of the table set with the same theme.

So we brought the Chicken Pot Holder. That’s right, we’re going to have a whole beautiful kit to set up that fun table to welcome friends. And if you think that the pot holder is more of a decorative item than a useful one, I can’t tell you if that’s correct or not. The truth is that it is both useful and decorative.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Posh Pooch Designs

Far beyond the practical function, the pot rest can be a joker in the decoration of your table. With personalized models that match the composition of the rest of your kitchen accessories, it is possible to find the ideal one for your personality. Furthermore, it can be exchanged if you want to modify your decor.

It protects tables against possible risks caused by pots and pans, in addition to shielding them against the high temperatures of these utensils. Crochet is a low-cost and versatile technique, as with different crochet stitches it is possible to create numerous decorative items. The crochet pot rest brings it all together and is a small project that you can do in an afternoon. Let’s go? You can check out the entire pattern at Posh Pooch Designs. Read it a first time before starting and if you have any doubts, come and talk to us here in the comments. See you soon.

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