Christmas Snow – Free Crochet Pattern

Hello my loves! Yes, we are halfway through the week again, and more than that, halfway through the month. The year is almost over, how crazy. We’ve done so many beautiful things together, you can do a recap of the patterns you have here. Tell me what you did, I’ll be very happy to know. And as it is coming, the models came for the date too, like Christmas Snow. Look at that delicate and incredible pattern. 

They are very characteristic colors of the date and the combinations look beautiful. And it’s all done in crochet, a technique that is present in every month of the year. Because it is so versatile, from January to December we have crochet pieces that match the dates and seasons. But do you know the origin of the technique? I like to know where it came from, how the name came about. 

Different sources trace the origin of crochet to different times and regions of the world. As with other craft techniques, similar examples are present in many countries with certain variations. There is evidence of textiles being woven at least as far back as the 11th century, but when the crochet technique emerged is debatable. Perhaps it would be more correct to place it in Europe in the 16th century, when delicate knitted lace was developed.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Handy Hands

The term comes from the Germanic croc and the French crochet, which mean “needle”. It is a hand knitting technique where a needle is used to form chains with yarn. Very thin threads can be used with very delicate needles and thick yarn with equally thick needles. The needles are made of aluminum, steel, wood, bamboo and plastic. In general, for projects with delicate and fine threads, it is better to use metal needles, which, moreover, last a lifetime. When you buy yarn to crochet, you are usually told which needle (or needles) number is ideal. 

As far as the thread is concerned, practically any type of textile material can be used: from embroidery threads, metallic threads, wool. As for the pattern, Christmas Snow, because it is small and delicate, it fits in many environments. It can decorate the furniture, giving a point of color and delicacy. Come and see the complete pattern in Handy Hands. The step by step, the materials, the graphics, everything to make learning easier for us. If you have any doubts, come back and tell us here. Let’s crochet!

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