Crochet Mostera Plant

Hello, hello! It is so great to meet you here again to begin one more project. How are you doing today? I know it is not always that we are feeling cheerful and excited. And that is why we are here, being part of a community gives us the support and inspiration we need in those times we are feeling a little down. 

If this is the inspiration you are looking for, you have come to the right place. We are always searching for new and different ideas we can bring you. Keeping our ideas fresh is the most important. This way we can have a wide range of many ideas, for various situations and levels of skills. 

As for today, we present to you the Crochet Monstera Plant. Most of us are so used to working whole days in closed environments that sometimes we do not realize how much we miss greenery. Green is a color that makes us feel lighter and fresher.

Crochet Monstera Plant // Complete Tutorial

However, not all rooms are fit for plants and flowers that could bring us these feelings. Natural greenery requires daily sunlight, fresh air and watering regularly. Considering that some of us work or know people who work in cubicles or rooms without any windows.

So for that, this crochet plant is a nice option to bring some color and freshness into your day. It does not require an advanced set of skills, but if you are more than an intermediate, you can adapt the recipe to make bigger or smaller sizes. This way you can produce different vases for you. 

Well, as for colors, this recipe tends to be a little more limited. Of course you need to go with green, however, you can play with more than one shade to create more plant diversity. Check the link we brought you above and use the recipe to help you through the process. Enjoy the making, see you later!

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