Fabric Toy Fish – Free Pattern

Hey loves! Good to see you here. I am very grateful to know that you remember to appear here when it comes to crafts. That’s why we are always bringing different models, trying to please all of you. If there’s a pattern, a piece that you haven’t found around here yet and want to learn about, let me know in the comments.

What we want most is to promote our art, inspire you to keep doing beautiful things and show others how much all of this should be valued. I always like to remember that everything you do is very precious. Sometimes we get into a routine, we already do crafts on automatic and don’t value it as much as we should. Here we encourage you to be proud of all of this.

How about learning a toy for the little ones? And it’s not crochet or amigurumi. Come learn how to make Fabric Toy Fish with me. Look how beautiful it is, a very cute pattern that the little ones love. I took advantage of the vacation days to entertain the children, tell and invent stories. Here we don’t need to worry about the color combination. The more colorful the prettier it is.

Fabric Toy Fish – DIY Tutorial Ideas

As they are small pieces, you can enjoy the scraps you have out there. And it doesn’t need a lot of stuffing, it’s not a very big toy. You can encourage the little ones to learn the colors too, the formats. At first glance, it may seem difficult, but it is not. In the photos we see the necessary cuts and how the assembly is done.

Nothing better than a step by step with photos, it’s easier to check if everything is right. To make the toy fish I preferred to use thicker, firmer fabrics. I think the toy is pretty solid. If you don’t have a sewing machine, this piece is not an impediment. Patterns like this can very well be sewn by hand. They are simple and small seams.

Not to mention that we don’t have the overlap of many layers of fabric. So, did you like this idea? The fabric toy fish is available at DIY Tutorial Ideas. Go check out the pattern and, if you have any doubts, come back here and talk to us in the comments.

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