Easy Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! How is your week going? We hope you are able to take the time to practice your crafts. Shall we sew a little? Today we are going to share with you the Easy Baby Quilt, an easy and quick pattern to make, but with a lot of charm and beauty. This quilt is formed from the union of different blocks, squares of different prints that together form this beautiful design.

The quilt is made with blue tones and some white blocks, which combine beautifully with the whale print. It’s a very childish print that refers even more to the quilt theme. At first we were very confused because there are many options of fabrics and prints. It may seem difficult to combine, but with a little practice and creativity you will see that it gets easier.

Start by choosing a pattern. It can be with a theme similar to the decoration of the baby’s room, which matches the trousseau. Then choose colors that are in the print. You will see how it gets easier and, after the first few, creativity will help you. If you have scraps of fabric from other projects, you can use them. See if the size can make at least a few squares and match the new print.

Easy Baby Quilt Fabrics

To make the easy baby quilt, the designer chose to use different types of fabrics. The quantity and type is described in the list below. You can do it with the same fabrics, having a very interesting texture difference in the final piece.

  • 1 yard quilt batting;
  • 1 yard coordinating flannel for back;
  • 1/2 yard chenille for added texture.

Regardless of the prints and colors you choose, make sure the fabrics you choose are quality and soft to the touch. When we talk about baby parts, some care must be taken. Their skin is more sensitive and can be irritated more easily. After assembling the quilt, wash it once before using. As careful as we are, it is good to sanitize the quilt. The pattern is available at Cofessions of a Serial Diyer. If you need a larger or smaller quilt, simply increase or decrease the number of squares. We hope you like it and want to put everything into practice. Let’s quilt!