Mini Charming Christmas – Quilt Pattern

Hi my loves! Weekend is here and along with it, we brought a project that you can develop these days. Already getting into the mood of the most awaited date of the year, at least for me, Christmas comes with incredible patterns that we can make to decorate the house, give gifts to friends or sell and guarantee an extra one at the end of the year. The Mini Charming Christmas is this beautiful, delicate and charming quilt that comes with all the feeling of this date. 

It’s a smaller project, different from bed quilts. But its size is perfect for decorating the center of the table, the entrance hall wall. It is a very discreet model, but leaves no doubt about the theme. The Christmas tree is made with several different prints, there are few that are repeated. But you can see that all the tones refer to the date. 

If you already have a big box of scraps, with leftovers from other projects, it’s a great opportunity to look for and reuse some. My patchwork box has a limit. When it gets close to max, it’s time to look for new patterns that I can take advantage of. As much as you try to buy the amount of fabric you need, some scraps will be left over when you make the cuts. And here’s a precious tip that I hope you already do: don’t throw them away.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Fat Quarter Shop

Because it’s a thin strip, but it can turn into a bow, filling in some small project, some function will have. The mini charming christmas is an easy pattern to make. You will see that most of the cutouts are simple squares. In some, the cut in the middle comes to make the ends of each layer of the tree. The sewing is simple too, you don’t need a lot of quilting to make it more beautiful. As the piece is already well colorfull, small details are enough. 

As it is a Christmas tree, you can add a star on top, make it look more like the real thing. Ready, let’s quilt? The pattern is available at Fat Quarter Shop, with the step-by-step and video tutorial. Watch the entire video for the first time, read the pattern and then put it all into practice. Don’t forget to come back and tell me how your experience was. May we all have a great weekend!

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