Keep Calm and CAL – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! How to find you again Hope everyone is well, full of health and excited to learn new patterns together with our team. On days when we don’t show up here, can you practice a little? I hope so, it’s the best and only way to evolve and become more and more creative. Keep Calm and CAL is a beautiful model of crochet squares, colorful and with incredible details. 

Each of them has different colors and flowers. You can play around when assembling, taking turns with colors, models, and leaving it very personalized. Not to mention that it is a pattern made in stages. Perfect for those who don’t have much time, can’t sit down for hours to crochet. In minutes you make a square, and if that’s all you can do a day, that’s great. Completing the square, the next day is another square. 

You don’t get lost either, you can do each one of them from beginning to end. I don’t know about you, but I like to have a toiletry bag with the project I’m working on. Yarns, crochet hook and small scissors. If I need to wait for an appointment, there is a lot of traffic, I already pick it up and start crocheting. It makes me calmer and I don’t get impatient. We are always looking to optimize the time we have and many times we get neurotic about it, but here it is really to spend time, it relaxes me.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

And here’s a tip if you’re like that too. Here in the pattern, you will learn how to crochet the squares and join them too. As for the final piece, that’s your choice. You can make blankets, bags, coats. Decor items too, such as table runners, pot holders, coasters. If you need a smoother surface, choose squares where the middle flower doesn’t have much texture. Now, at the end of the year, we always have special people we want to give as gifts. 

Why not take advantage and present them with items you made yourself? Take the opportunity to declare all your affection through crochet. Check out the keep and calm CAL pattern on Ravelry. Read everything a first time, separate the materials and then it’s time to crochet. Do you still have any doubts? Tell us here. We are here to provide all the support you need.

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