Fabric Gift Bag – Free Pattern

Hey loves! What a pleasure to have you here once again. Today we have a new pattern to share, a really fun idea that might be very useful for you. The Fabric Gift Bag is that package that you can make yourself and make the gift even more special. You can make it with the most varied materials, of different sizes, everything to make the person who will be gifted feel even more special.

This idea is very cool, can you imagine making the gift packaging according to the date? At Christmas time, your tree will be even more incredible with these packaging. Make it with children’s themes for children’s day, romantic for valentine’s day, flowery to gift your mother. Ideas start to come and you love to venture into this new project. And think that the person who receives the gift packaged with the Fabric Gift Bag will be getting two gifts.

This new packaging is not disposable, it can be used in the most varied occasions, whether organizing the environment or carrying necessary things. As for fabrics, when making the markings, use the wrong side. Choose quality fabrics and remember that, as good as the fabric is, it is a handmade item. It is more delicate and carrying a lot of weight, not taking care of it correctly, can damage the piece.

Fabric Gift Bag Pattern

Let’s talk about the materials we will need. To make a Fabric Gift Bag you will need:

  • 18×22″ piece (fat quarter) print A (bag body);
  • 18×22″ piece (fat quarter) print B (lining, handles);
  • 3/8 yard heavyweight, nonfusible interfacing;
  • 1″-diameter button.

The measurements for each cut are described in the step by step and in the diagram that you find available at All People Quilt. Feel free to add details and make it even more beautiful. You can add bows, details made with another technique such as crochet, pom poms, rhinestones. Let creativity take you and be inspired by each special that arrives. Take the opportunity to use scraps you have around for smaller gifts. We thought this idea was amazing and were happy to share it. Tell us what you think about it in the comments.