Merry Little Christmas Topper – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! How are you spending this week? We hope all is well, that it is being amazing. Taking the time to do your crafts? We hope so. If you still haven’t made it, the weekend is coming for you to relax. We brought a new pattern to learn together with you, the Merry Little Christmas Topper. Yes, Christmas is still a little far away, but there are less than four months to go before this very special date. The feeling that this date brings is incredible.

That’s why we want to decorate the whole house, make items that show all our affection dedicated to them. And if you’re looking to sell Christmas items, better start offering as soon as possible. Close to the date there is a rush. Between orders, buying materials and delivering orders, there is no time for anything. This pattern uses traditional colors, a cozy plaid fabric, and metallic quilting thread to elevate a simple holiday table topper.

It is an approximately 27″ square topper. If you need a larger topper, you can increase the number of blocks or their size. For this second option, you will need to have a little more practice. You can use this item in different environments and furniture. It looks amazing on the table, decorating the center and leaving space to complete the table set.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: All People Quilt

Merry Little Christmas Topper Pattern

You can also place it in the entrance hall, already letting the atmosphere take care of the environment. In the pattern you will see the prints and fabrics If you can’t find the same ones, you can make other combinations. Just remember to keep prints with similar colors. Green and red are the most traditional colors when we talk about Christmas, but gold, silver and white also go very well. to get in the Christmas mood with us?

The merry little christmas topper pattern that we separated is available at All People Quilt. See the step by step, the amount of materials you will need and get to work. has the diagram of several steps. If you have any doubts, you can always check if everything is ok. You can also ask us here in the comments. We are very happy to know if you like what we share with you. And now, are we going to quilt?

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