Pineapple Day Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello my loves, how are things? I hope to find everyone well, healthy and willing to start a new project together with us. Here at Crafts Your Crochet Now you have many incredible options and models to start a new project. Whether for yourself, as a gift or to sell, you will find a beautiful option here.

A very popular and well-liked item in every home are quilts. Thinking about changing and bringing a new model to renew the decor of the room, the pineapple day quilt could be the right choice. A colorful quilt, with a beautiful design and different blocks that will expand your quitting experience.

Anyone who loves decoration knows that just one detail makes all the difference. With the sofa quilt, it’s exactly like that, and this accessory has never been as popular as it has been recently. People are realizing that, in addition to being a beautiful decorative item, the sofa bedspread is comfortable and makes the room even more cozy.

Decorating a sofa using quilts adds more personality to the room. The quilt has a great decorative advantage: it can transform your sofa, creating a focal point to bring more style to the room. The product helps protect the sofa from damage caused by external factors, such as children and pets.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Fat Quarter Shop

If your sofa is old or worn out, the quilt helps hide stains and tears. If your sofa is “colder”, like upholstery made from leather, the quilt is great for warming it up. It is recommended that the quilt is proportional to the size of the sofa, in order to cover it sufficiently, without excess or missing fabric. If your furniture is large, you can even invest in two matching quilts.

Here we are highlighting its role in this environment, but you know that you can use it wherever you want. How about giving the pineapple day quilt a try and starting sewing today? Let’s go.

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