Candy Stars Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Looking for a new pattern to inspire you on this new day? Well, we have one that will win you over. The Candy Stars Mini Quilt, as the name implies, is a mini quilt made from four blocks. All the stars are made from different color combinations and prints. You will see in the pattern that the seams are simple and the cuts are also simple. The base of the pattern are squares that, after being sewn, are cut in half and at the end the blocks are assembled forming the stars.

Mini quilts can be used in different ways. Many people like to use it as center pieces, as a wall hanging, as a polliw case. Because it is made in blocks, it is easy to increase the size for those who know how to make a new piece. The stars look so beautiful they can be used to make a quilt for your bed. Make more blocks and sew them together.

The sizes are small, how about reusing scraps of fabric left over from other projects? If you’ve been sewing for some time, you know that no matter how much we take care not to waste and not waste any fabrics, some scraps are always left over. There’s nothing cooler than making a new piece out of it. Stay here with us to learn how to sew this beautiful mini quilt.

Candy Stars Mini Quilt Pattern

The list of materials that the designer used to make the candy star mini quilt, approximately 16″x16″ are described below. The colors and fabrics used can inspire you to make your own combination. Remember that the colors must contrast, to highlight the block star.

  • 1 Mini Charm Pack (shown in Desert Bloom by Sherri and Chelsi of a Quilting Life);
  • 1/3 yard background fabric (shown in Desert Bloom Spring Ivory);
  • 1/2 yard backing fabric (shown in Desert Bloom Wildflower Midnight);
  • 1/4 yard binding fabric (shown in Desert Bloom Mesa Midnight);
  • Batting measuring 18″ x 18″

If you don’t want to buy the kit with the fabric cutouts, you can cut the scraps. It takes a little more time, but the result will also be amazing. The pattern is available from Moda Fabrics. There you will have all the step by step, the measurements, the way of cutting and sewing and some notes that will help you understand the whole process. So, did you like it? It’s a quick project to do and doesn’t need a lot of material. If you have any doubts, count on us to solve it and help you make the candy stars mini quilt.