Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi guys, long time no see! Yes, we are back to share all the amazing things with you. I hope you missed us as much as we miss you. Sometimes we need that off time to reevaluate some things. But you can rest assured that we’re back with lots of amazing crafts to bring you.

Tell us how that time was. I hope you have continued your projects, always with great excitement and as little demand as possible. I took the opportunity to finish some quilts and I already found my next project, Cleopatra’s Fan. Look what an amazing pattern. A model that looks amazing.

You can see that the pattern follows a different aesthetic, it’s a very elegant model. With colors and prints that match almost any decoration, this model will look amazing in your home too. And it’s been a while since quilts were restricted to bedrooms. They fit into the decoration of the most different environments.

Cleopatra’s Fan Quilt // Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Here at home, we have quilts everywhere. When we understand the versatility of the piece, it becomes even easier to combine. When you see the list of fabrics it may seem like a lot, but we don’t need a very large length of each one. The blocks are repeated throughout the quilt, but you can see that the same colors are quite far apart.

Hence the number of prints. If you have a lot of scraps, it can be a nice option too. The template for the cutouts is available on the last pages of the pattern. There’s no error. You will need to print them out and cut them out on sheets of paper. Then proceed with the markings on the fabrics, cuttings and sewing. Yes, it takes a little work, but the result is rewarding, right? Tell me where this beautiful quilt will match in your house.

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