Absolute Autumn Quilt

Hey guys, welcome once again to our blog. If we’re here, you already know that an incredible pattern is coming here. But before anything else, another week is ending and we want to know how you are doing. Tell us what projects you did this week.

I like to remind you that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. If you haven’t had the time or energy to do anything this week, that’s okay. It’s always good to hear other people saying that, that’s how, after a long time, I managed to understand. And nothing better than a beautiful quilt to inspire us and a project in blocks that we can do calmly.

The Absolute Autumn quilt is that pattern you need to learn. A quilt with several designs that are made separately. You learn to make the blocks separately, which allows you to use them at other times as well. Not to mention that many times the size of the blocks is perfect to reuse them in pillows.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Forth Worth Fabric Studio

These pieces are perfect to complement the decor and make everything even more harmonious. In addition, you can choose the way you are going to assemble the blocks and leave the quilt the way you want it. Each quilt can be different. You can repeat the same design throughout the quilt, just use two designs. Here creativity goes to the limit.

The colors chosen are classic autumn. The name leaves no doubt that this is the quilt’s idea. Always maintaining the contrast with the background, for every detail to stand out. For a larger quilt, increase the number of blocks. Yes, it’s that simple. But you don’t have to do everything at once. That’s the beauty of quilts. Make the cutouts for a block, assemble it and move on to the next ones. Everything in its time. Then come back and tell us how it went. Great weekend!

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