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Stitch Pink Project Pack – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! How is everything there? I hope your week has been amazing and that you are all doing well. Here we are doing very well too, we are still excited to end the year with a golden key. Ready to learn some more, a new pattern? The Stitch Pink Project is a pack […]

Mini Charming Christmas – Quilt Pattern

Hi my loves! Weekend is here and along with it, we brought a project that you can develop these days. Already getting into the mood of the most awaited date of the year, at least for me, Christmas comes with incredible patterns that we can make to decorate the house, give gifts to friends or […]

Kisses Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Shall we quilt? Our team has put together an amazing pattern to share with you. Kisses Quilt is another colorful model, beautiful to decorate your room, your living room. Just like other models, let’s check out the whole step by step together. It’s another pattern that is available for free. Quilts are […]

Merry Little Christmas Topper – Free Pattern

Hey sweeties! How are you spending this week? We hope all is well, that it is being amazing. Taking the time to do your crafts? We hope so. If you still haven’t made it, the weekend is coming for you to relax. We brought a new pattern to learn together with you, the Merry Little […]

Ribbon and Rickrack Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Another week that we are spending together. We hope you were able to rest and practice a little during these days that we didn’t show up here. Thinking of a new pattern to share with you, we separated the Ribbon and Rickrack Baby Quilt. It’s more like a quilt, but they all […]

Harvest Table Topper – Free Pattern

Hi my loves! Ready for the weekend? Incredible right, another week that is ending. The more we learn, the more we get involved in new projects, the faster time passes. And we are very happy to know that you count on us, remember to visit us to learn about new projects. The Harvest Table Topper […]

Every Which Way Tote – Free Pattern

Hello my loves! What a pleasure to be able to share another beautiful pattern with you. You can’t imagine how happy we are to learn a new piece and always remember that we count on you to inspire us and keep learning. Today’s pattern is the Every Which Way Tote. This is another free pattern […]

Fabric Gift Bag – Free Pattern

Hey loves! What a pleasure to have you here once again. Today we have a new pattern to share, a really fun idea that might be very useful for you. The Fabric Gift Bag is that package that you can make yourself and make the gift even more special. You can make it with the […]

Simple Squares Baby Quilt – Free Pattern

Hello loves! Ready to learn another quilt? Their basic principle is always the same. If you haven’t made any quilts yet, all the simple steps are there to help you. Today’s pattern is very pretty and simple, but with colors and prints that make all the difference. The Simple Squares Baby Quilt is assembled entirely […]

Striped Rag Quilt – Free Pattern

Hey loves! What a pleasure to meet you here once again. We are very happy to know that you count on us to learn new patterns. And don’t think we don’t get anxious every time we learn something new. Today we are going to learn the Striped Rag Quilt, a super delicate pattern. If made […]